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Wisconsin women cyclinG

What We Do

Wisconsin Women Cycling is a Non-competitive Cycling Event Management company.  As a privately owned and operated entity, our focus at Wisconsin Women Cycling is event creation, planning and management of non-competitive sporting activities primarily set around cycling - women cycling in particular.

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Through networking and outreach efforts, we strive to create safe, fun, social and educational environments meant to inspire girls and women to make healthy choices, on and off their bikes.

Mission Statement

We empower people, especially females, to get active and feel confident, on and off their bikes.

Vision Statement

We aim to grow the sport of women’s cycling by creating opportunities to learn bike skills, safety, and mechanics while experiencing the thrill of the ride.

We promote cycling as a fun, attainable and accessible means to get outdoors, commute and build community.


  • Empower Females
  • Teach Safety & Skills
  • Inspire Confidence
  • Gain Trust
  • Build Community
  • Promote Health & Fitness
  • Have Fun!

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